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Monday, November 29, 2010

Its Not Over

tag from cik aied azan

Put your music library on shuffle . For each question , press the next button to get your answer . You must write that song title as the answer to the question , no matter how silly it sounds ! Most of the time they seem to work though , strangely enough . Okay , go ! When you're done , tag 20 people in this note , and make sure to tag the person who sent you this . The answer to #20 is the Title of your note .

soalan 1 : If someone says, "Is this okay?" you say
tapi bukan aku-kerispatih
~okay..tapi aku tak okay~

soalan 2 : How would you describe yourself?
sofea jane-black
~aku rase aku hensem mcm sofea jane ~

soalan 3 : What do you like in a guy / girl?
Miss Independent-Ne-Yo
~she must be independent in her life~

soalan 4 : How do you feel today?
New Born-Muse
~i feel i'm a a new fresh baby out from my mom's body~ 

soalan 5 : What's your life purpose?
Mencari Konklusi-Hujan
~apakah makna hidup ini~

soalan 6 : What's your motto?
Live Like We're Dying-Kriss Allen
~no comment~

soalan 7 : What do your friends think of you?
Baik-baik Sayang-Wali Band
~i'm full with love sense in my heart~

soalan 8 : What do you think of your parents?
 Cinta-Aliff Aziz
~Happy Ending~

soalan 9 : What do you think about very often?
Tomat(Tobat Maksiat)-Wali Band
~repent for all mistakes~

soalan 10 : What is 2+2?
That's What You Get-Paramore
~gune la otak or kalkulator...ape yg tertulis tu la jawapannye,,,bangang~

soalan 11 : What do you think of your best friend(s)?
Misery-Maroon 5
~sangat serabut pemikirannye...tp bukan dirinya...~

soalan 12 : What do you think of the person you like?
My Love-Westlife

soalan 13 : What is your life story?
InsyaAllah-Maher Zain
~kalau ade mase aku cite~

soalan 14 : What do you want to be when you grow up?
Flying Without Wings-Westlife
~it must be cool man~

soalan 15 : What do you think of when you see the person you like?
Faint-Linkin Park
~coz they're really beautiful~

soalan 16 : What will you dance to at your wedding?
Bukan Ku Tak Sudi-Iklim
~bukan aperrr~

soalan 17 : What will they play at your funeral
Andai Ku Tahu-Ungu
~kalau da mati mcm mane aku nk tau ape diorg nk main~

soalan 18 : What is your biggest fear?
Time Is Running Out-Muse
~maybe its time for me to leave the world~

soalan 19 : What is your biggest secret?
Terlanjur Cinta-Pasha feat Rossa
~opps..jgn pikir laen eh~

soalan 20 : What will you post this as?
It's Not Over-Daughtry
~la..da abes da ke...aku nk jwb lg..~

anyone lah! heee~

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